Dream Industries creates technology that empowers people to spread knowledge and culture.

Our products are Bookmate, Exchang.es, Theory & Practice, Third Place, Telegraph, Zvooq and Unisound.

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Moscow, Tverskaya, 7connect@dreamindustries.co

Bookmate is a social reading technology that lets you store all your books in the cloud and sync them to all your devices.


Theory & Practice is a platform that brings institutions and people together around the topics they share interest in through educational events.


Third Place is focused on the place beyond home and office. It helps people find the right place to do their best work and space owners to build value and community around their place.


Zvooq is a music streaming service which immerses people in a music experience shaped by their connections to friends, artists and labels.


DI Telegraph is a conference and co- working venue. It's the centre of gravity for Moscow's tech and creative communities, transmitting knowledge further and faster.


Exchang.es is a place where knowledge of any kind can be exchanged by literally anyone. Through social connections and a simple market structure it aims to bring a human approach back to learning.


Wanted: Designer, Zvooq

We're eager to welcome an interface designer to our team to join us on Zvooq's mission to provide high quality access to music to an audience of millions

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